Lots Road

When Midgard ltd. approached us about their project, we were a little skeptical but we accepted the challenge. The task was to draw and model openings for large windows to accuracy of 3mm. The issue was the scale of the project and also accessibility.
To achieve such a precise survey the planning was crucial. In agreement with Midgard we proposed a two-way survey to ensure that the accuracy needed was achieved. First phase was an external 3D laser scan of the whole object followed by a meticulous drawing and modeling process. Our team has uncovered horizontal and vertical bending of the outer wall, and these findings were consulted with the client immediately. In the second phase we surveyed the internal side of the window openings as well as parts of the wall to show the vertical leaning of the wall.
We have successfully completed the task and the team from Midgard was able to finish their work.