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Grape Street London

Our team at GLA was approached by Construction Solutions for a routine set out of grid lines. This task should have been fairly easy and quick. Our site engineers went to site, marked out the grid lines as per client's instructions and the job was completed.
However, during routine check in vertical alignment between floors our clients encountered a discrepancy of 40mm. This issue was reported to us and we started a thorough investigation. Our team was sent back to the site to re-set the grid lines and perform a vertical traversing between the floors. Once this was done, the drawing team then reviewed and checked the vertical consistency. The grid lines were not aligning with the design drawings used by our client to design a new steel structure. Further investigation revealed that the drawings used for the design were not up-to-date and could have caused severe issues in further construction.
The site has been surveyed again and drawings were updated. After the updates, we performed another set of checks both on site and drawings. The issue was resolved and the client then installed the steel structure without further problems.

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