About GLA

Founded in 2013, GLA Developments is an ambitious company always looking for a better way. We are passionate about building people. We see our clients as partners and focus on surpassing their expectations in delivering high quality services.

Our Mission is to go the extra mile, to explore the boundaries of technology, to drive and deliver projects safely in such a manner that our clients, employees and communities will benefit. We strive to constantly provide our customers with efficient, timely and quality service to meet their needs. The company has grown considerably in the last few years and we have expanded from GLA Developments to launching GLA Surveys and partnering with great companies like YHWH Build and Tate. This empowers GLA to be the full package for any client.


We are focussed on becoming the ‘personal choice’ in our industry with our values and culture standing tall as our ultimate goal.

Meet our Senior Management Team


"I started GLA in 2013 with an urge to give it a go! Having worked for large engineering companies previously I felt I could use my experience to add value to the survey world. We have been very fortunate to work on the projects we have, not without a few life lessons along the way. 

My biggest lesson over the last 7 or so years has been that business has the privilege of helping people reach their potential, that’s our passion."

Alberto Gava,
Founder and CEO of GLA Surveys

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Xavier Tate

Surveying Manager

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Eliska Polcicova

Drawing Manager