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Client: Trehearne Architects

Project Duration: Apr 2016- May 2016

Project Assignment:  Verification Survey

Method: 3D Scanning and 2D Drawings 

On 31 October 1913, Building News (2) reported on the completion of a new building, Imperial House, on Kingsway. It was completed after the street was officially opened by King Edward VII in 1905. On its own Imperial House was not special, indeed its architect Trehearn and Norman designed many more on Kingsway – in 1913 alone their Regent and Windsor Houses were completed – but together with others it formed part of an idea that London could be improved through large- scale planning and architectural harmony through the shared style, height, and materials of its buildings.
The specifications for Imperial House showed the advances made in the construction and building services in the Edwardian period: electric lifts, steel framework, stone cladding and hot water on demand and for heating. Visually Kingsway stood out as one of London’s few boulevards and technologically as having the only underground tunnel in Britain for trams.