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At GLA we are not only at the forefront of collecting 3D Data, but we also convert this data accurately.

Working from 2D plans, digital photography or 3D laser scanning and other survey data, we work with a multitude of modelling packages and file formats to produce 3D models for any specific requirement.

Our team of highly skilled modelers offer; flexibility and experience to produce 3D models to any required level of detail – no matter the size of the project.

We ensure that information is accurate, delivered in a timely fashion and within the required parameters.

Services Building Main

GLA measurement services play a key role in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process, particularly within the built environment.Our collaborative approach and 3D laser scanning expertise has allowed us to develop a process which delivers fast and accurate survey information in a BIM-ready model. Our experience in utilising 3D Laser Scanning technology puts us in an increasingly advantages position as legislation is being processed for all construction work to use the BIM platform.